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Duration of the Ayurvedic massage: 1h30

The philosophy of Cocoon massages

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Tantra, tantric massage and shamanic breathing

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The Ayurvedic Massage

To awaken the consciousness.

The ayurvedic massage is based on the guiding principles of traditional Indian multimillennial medicine called Ayurveda "knowledge of longevity".

To favour the elimination of toxins due to a bad food and pollution.

The ayurvedic massage is usually practised on the floor with hot oil on the naked body. The ayurvedic massage stimulates our various energy points called "Marmas" and in parallel the various elements of our body: air, water, fire, organized according to three system: VAT (nervous systems and hormonal), PITT (digestive system and enzymatic) and KAPH (fluid).

For great support in the event of fatigue, insomnia and depression.

The ayurvedic massage is a complete massage, at the same time soft and tonic, relaxing and energetic, the ayurvedic massage not only makes it possible to face the stress positively, but also to penetrate one's deep being by meditative work on the chakras (crossroads of energy).

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Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris

Progressively, in the tantric massage sessions and shamanic breathing, I had discovered, or rather rediscovered ... I got to meet different women in me, dance with the goddess, laugh with the witch , cry with the little girl , howl with the wild woman, enjoy with the free woman..... ( more).....


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