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Duration of the Tantric massage : 2H.

The philosophy of Cocoon massages

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Tantra, tantric massage and shamanic breathing

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The Tantric Massage

To connect to all dimensions in oneself

The tantric massage targets three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, in order to find this feeling of unity which connects us with the divine. By reunifying us, it frees us from the guilt feeling which cuts us from life.

The tantric massage is with the image of the text which is related to the site under the name: Cocoon: love, opening and abandonment.

The tantric massage includes all parts of the body and also includes a work on the 7 Chakras, in order to make them vigorous and to harmonize the subtle bodies.

To discover or taste the experiment of a pleasure
which we do not meet daily.

The tantric massage is at the same time sensual, tender and spiritual and very ressourcing since it is practised while being centered and being connected to the vital energy, which functions as a source whose flow irrigates all the chakras and gives the force to open one's heart and spirit.

To go in the space of yes with life.

In other moments, the hands go deeper to support you and rock you in order to enable you to surrender in the softness and in the sensuality of this moment.

Prelude to the welcome of the unknown and the ''Godlinesh'', it is in an attitude of let go and a welcome of the present, without judgement, expectation or desire, from the two persons, that a place becomes available to a space that it is not possible for us to imagine.

Read testimonials in the Golden book...

Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris

Progressively, in the tantric massage sessions and shamanic breathing, I had discovered, or rather rediscovered ... I got to meet different women in me, dance with the goddess, laugh with the witch , cry with the little girl , howl with the wild woman, enjoy with the free woman..... ( more).....

Yes I tell you that I want to tell the world what it July 14, I just live and expect to discover without anything, without any a priori thanks to you, this door you got me open.
I was lost, bewildered, abandoned, in total mess with myself but I knew one thing is that I still want to learn to give. It would be for me the way to meet me, know who I was and win.....Make this path. Understand everything. Not necessarily need to put words suddenly to understand his life. The work of the masseur, lulls you and help you assimilate many things, in all languages of the world, no need to say or to speak. Her massage is a universal language and translated everything. Being yourself, just be. Being his essence.... (more).

I had a new experience. I was myself, I bathed in the delight of being totally free to be true ... I am fortunate to have received in the past massages very high quality,.... I got this time is not a massage, but a passage to ...I do not know. If that love and life force are the source.... (more).

Today, the term "tantric massage" was hijacked to mean, generally, a sexual massage offered by people who have to do with prostitution. The confusion arose because the tantric massage, for the sake of unity, includes all body parts. If sex is integrated and touched, it's not as long as it is the purpose of the Tantra massage. The purpose of Tantra and Tantric massage is to allow an expansion of consciousness brought into a state of meditation, not excitement. In a real tantric massage, there is no finish, masturbation, oral sex or anything else.It is recieved with the eyes closed and its quality is related to staff tantric path, accompanied by the person giving the massage and it is not a naked picture exposing her physical attractiveness. It is more a depth of the soul rather than a photograph.

The tantric massage more than the others still is a meeting of hearts and can be made only if an agreement is established between the two partners of the massage. So we will meet you before, through a Cocoon massage, allowing each one to feel if in this state of release and abandonment,an alchemy can be made to allow the reception of the present correspondent to the true essence of what is a Tantrique Massage. In this spiritual way, it is preferable to have done before a sufficient work of personal development or Tantra. If it is the oportunity for you to begin a work of this type you can refer to the page of the Vital Breath.

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