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Tantra, tantric massage and shamanic breathing

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Progressively, in the tantric massage sessions and shamanic breathing, I had discovered, or rather rediscovered ... I got to meet different women in me, dance with the goddess, laugh with the witch , cry with the little girl , howl with the wild woman, enjoy with the free woman..... ( more).....

Cocoon Massages

The massage, it is something that you start,
But that you never finish, which continues indefinitely,
And which becomes gradually deeper and higher.
The massage, is a subtle art.
It is not just a question of skill,

It's more about love.

First you learn the technique and then you forget it.
You feel and you create movements according to your feelings.

When you learn the massage deeply,
90% of work is done by love, 10% by technique.
You just need the touch, the touch of love,

And the body is relaxed.....

If you feel the love and compassion for the other person,
If you look at him as a priceless energy,
If you are grateful for his trust in you,
And for the fact that he lets you play with his energy,
Then, more and more,
You will have the impression to play with the organ,
And you will feel the creation of a harmony in you.
Not only the person, but you also will be relieved.

When you massage, only massage, do not think of other things.

Between your fingers, your hands,
As if your existence entered there.
Do not be satisfied with a physical touch.
Your heart penetrates in the body of the other,

And the most difficult complexes are relaxed.

Make it a pleasure. Do not work on it.
Make it a play, and have good fun.


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Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris

Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris


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