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Duration of the session: 1h.30

The philosophy of Cocoon massages

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Tantra, tantric massage and shamanic breathing

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The Vital Breath
Shamanic breathing

To find again one's lightness and joy, facing the worries of life.

You lie down on the back and you start breathing.... By pressures on the points of blockages, you are accompanied to let your breathing become full and total.

To find back a fluid energy which circulates freely.

The mechanism of the 'Cure'' has started and you feel in you the laughter, and a joy which you had sometimes lost for a long time.

To give you more force to face the usual stress.

Several sessions will enable you to increase and maintain this interior force which will lead you to a plenitude.

To give pleasure and to give softness.

You find again the source of your vital energy. The life becomes a firework which is expressed and carried out according to your major desires.

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Progressively, in the tantric massage sessions and shamanic breathing, I had discovered, or rather rediscovered ... I got to meet different women in me, dance with the goddess, laugh with the witch , cry with the little girl , howl with the wild woman, enjoy with the free woman..... ( more).....

Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris


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